Thursday, July 17, 2014

crystal mason ring

I just got back from New York last night and I could not be sadder about that. Every summer, I travel to New York to visit with my sister and college friends. But, this was an especially unforgettable trip. Like, seriously, it may have been the best one yet.

For me, the hardest part about going on trips is deciding which baubles to bring. If you don't already know, I have an extensive collection of jewelry. [And that may be the biggest understatement of the year.] One might assume that, having such a large collection, it's easy to pick out a few sparkly pieces for a nine-day trip. Wrong. I like having options. Choosing which bauble to wear is like choosing how I want to express myself for the rest of the day. I also try not to wear the same piece more than once in the same week, because all my baubles need a little love. With that said, I'm SO obsessed with the Crystal Mason Ring from the Baublebar x Stripes & Sequins collection. I wore this ring every single day of my trip. I'm also wearing it at this very moment. This ring is on repeat and the world deserves to know.

Grace Atwood of Stripes & Sequins is one of my favorite bloggers to follow, head of social for BaubleBar, and all-around amazing. I love every piece from her collection and I'm pretty positive that I'll eventually end up buying everything. 

When Grace's collection first launched, I immediately purchased the Crystal Mason Ring and Crystal Pheasant Bib. I buy with my eyes and my eyes are naturally drawn to sparkle. When I received them in the mail a couple weeks ago, this happened...

And, during my New York trip, the Crystal Mason Ring just seemed to add the right amount of sparkle to some memorable, Insta-worthy moments. This ring has gotten a lot of action and clearly goes with me everywhere. I wore it...

..while watching the World Cup with friends.

 ..while eating a giant ice cream sandwich with my sister at Smorgasburg.

...while solo-snacking on candy.

...while traveling back to California.

P.S. I miss you already, New York.

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