Thursday, May 16, 2013

nameplate reinvented

When I got my nameplate from BaubleBar (as seen here) sometime last year, I was so impressed. It is personalized perfection. Not only does it remind people that my name has 2 'N's, but it's just so freakin cute. Win.

I'll admit, I'm a social media slut and have been drooling over a twitter-plate necklace ever since it first popped up on the BB site. Because all avenues of social media use handles now (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc etc), this necklace is really so much more than just a Twitter-plate. Needless to say, I finally gave in. But it also symbolizes my presence (as little as it may be) in the cyberworld. Since I don't plan on changing my handle ever, I consider it a good investment.

I received my Twitter-plate a few weeks ago, but I wore it out for the first time today. So, if you happen to forget where you can find me, just check my neckwear for answers.

shirt: old-- forget where I got this || jacket: Old Navy

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