Thursday, February 21, 2013

update: new recipes page

I did something amazing for you. Well, not that amazing.. but kind of, yes. Now, next to that "home" tab at the top, I've created a new "recipes" tab. (If you somehow can't find it, I hope you noticed that I also just linked it for you.) Yes, this is for you goons who don't think my outfit of the day and baubles are fun, awesome, or at all interesting. So, you know, the recipe tab is there whenever you feel like scoping out all the food stuff. I'll make sure to keep it updated for you guys.

Also, happy post-Valentine's Day. Here's the heart-filled valentines I made this year. And, so happens they just got featured here. Thanks, BaubleBar! Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll share this recipe with you. I said maybe.. After all, if I shared everything, I would have nothing unique left to my name. Every baker has to keep some secrets.

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