Friday, February 22, 2013

simple layers + rainbow wristwear

Happy casual Friday! No thick sweaters or printed blouses (aka: no Madewell) today. The glimpse of sunshine I caught today made me hopeful that spring will be arriving sooner rather than later. I've packed on the bulky statement jewelry all season, so today I thought I'd change it up by going lighter.

jeans: Blank NYC || shirt: Forever 21 || sweater: Urban Outfitters

I'm so jealous of people know how to layer-- clothes, jewelry, everything. I pretty much suck at it. But, in order to compensate for no big bauble, I decided to give the layering thing a shot-- basically threw on my 3 favorite dainty necklaces. I thought about taking it further, but then I foresaw a huge knot of chains by the end of the day. No thank you. 3 will do. And, with all the gold around my neck, I found it only appropriate to add color to my wrist-- in the form of a rainbow, of course.

necklaces: Gorjana (top) || Jennifer Zeuner (middle) || BaubleBar (bottom)

bracelets: Gorjana || Sequence

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