Monday, January 5, 2015

new haircut // opal wreath collar

I have many things on my To Do List before school starts up again next week. Getting a haircut was my biggest priority. I will preface the rest of my story by stating that I am very particular about my hair. I have had many styling regrets. The actual haircut always feels good at the time and maybe even the week after. But, when I look back on my previous hairstyles, I want to slap myself across the face. Never should have let my mom tease and spray my hair to death. Never should have walked around with a permanent ponytail in my hair for a year. Never should have gotten bangs like Summer Roberts. Sadly, the list goes on and on. I make bad decisions. Mostly, I am just impulsive and have a tendency to choose hairstyles that look good on other people. But, shocker, they did not work for me at all. The worst part is that no one ever told me my hair looked like shit. Assholes.

It is important to understand your hair and what does/doesn't work. So, with that said, I am definitely a long hair [don't care] gal. I had shoulder length hair once in my life and I vowed to never go back. In fact, I refer to that hair era as "the lost year"-- the year I apparently lost my mind along with my long hair.

Anyway, there is a cutoff point when long hair just gets annoying. And, well, I've been annoyed for a couple months now. Unfortunately, because of my insane school and work schedule, I had to put my much needed haircut on the back burner. With the small window of freedom I have left, I knew it was time to remove some of the dead weight-- literally-- for the new year.

I have been going to the same hairdresser (more or less) for the past few years, and she has always given me consistent haircuts in the ballpark of what I actually want. But, eh, I've been open to the idea of a new hairdresser for a while now. I don't dye, highlight, or do anything crazy with my hair. I just need a good cut and styling. Is that so much to ask?

So, after reading a lot of reviews, I found a hair salon nearby. I scheduled the earliest appointment available-- Tuesday. Good thing I was still stalking for something sooner, because an opening became available today. Right when I walked through the doors, the owner was stunned by the necklace I was wearing. At that moment,  I thought: God, I love this place. They get me. Of course, she asked and I told her where I got it. Baublebar, duh.

My hair is fussy, because there is just so much of it. My hairdresser did such an amazing job taking a lot of the weight off but also keeping my ideal length. I definitely walked out of there a happy camper, because she did exactly what I wanted. I really love it! Plus, the new cut happens to look perfect with my Opal Wreath Collar.. because that's what really counts, obviously.

necklace: Baublebar || shirt: Anthropologie

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