Tuesday, June 3, 2014

summer update.

I don't spend much time on this blog discussing my personal life unless it's related to my obsessions with baubles and baked goods (duh). However, this year has been a defining one for me and I feel somewhat compelled to share. Keep reading if you're interested in the other tidbits of my life. Stop reading if you just don't give a damn.

I just completed the first year of my Dental Hygiene Program. There were highs and lows, for sure. Being with the same 18 other people all day every day was an adjustment, especially because we are a mixed bag of personalities. After our last final, there was a sense of relief, overwhelming happiness, and just so much love. The reality is that, despite the momentary clashes or inklings of competitiveness, we have all really grown and learned from each other. Most importantly, we made it through the year together. Okay, that's enough mush.

The semester ended about 2 weeks ago but, you know, there were celebratory [alcohol-related] festivities (because we like each other a lot more when alcohol is involved). And those were followed by a recovery period, which included In 'N Out, sleep, and hydration (in no particular order).

Without school for the summer, I'm dedicating myself to both of my jobs and this blog. But, I plan on treating this blog like my third job-- one with an irregular schedule and no pay-- for your reading pleasure [or boredom] only. I am here to serve. You're welcome.

This summer, my goal is to give you more-- more recipes (especially Paleo ones) and more baubles (because I don't do that nearly enough). If you follow my Instagram, you know I haven't neglected either. They just haven't made it to my [small-time] blog over the past few months. I'll work on it though. Promise.

Okay, goodnight lovelies. We have lots of catching up to do starting tomorrow! xo

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