Wednesday, December 5, 2012

getting organized

I have so much jewelry that I think I could probably put them all in a pile and swim it it. I have been stuffing everything into my Pottery Barn McKenna Leather Jewelry Armoire for months now. And every month (week, day..), more baubles get squished inside. It's a pretty big size jewelry box, so you can imagine how many baubles I must own. Here's a picture of my jewelry armoire at it's finest-- prior to overcrowding:

Being the statement necklace junkie I am, you don't want to see what it looks like now. I just knew I needed another type of organizer to lift a little burden off my armoire. Statement necklaces don't really work that well in a jewelry box anyway, because they lay all weird and end up getting knotted and stacked on top of each other. No bueno.

I found this amazing framed jewelry organizer on Etsy. It took a few weeks to arrive but it was definitely worth the wait! It's perfectly crafted because it has tons of hooks to hang necklaces/bracelets but also a nice framed screen for hook earrings. I don't really have too many hook earrings, so this ended up working well. Now, my jewelry box carries mostly my daintier jewelry which is such a huge improvement.

I've looked all over the web for jewelry organizers. I'm not sure if this one is that practical for someone like me who owns way too much (because not all of the statement necklaces even made it onto the hooks). However, it's a nice way to organize jewelry with the added decor of the framed design. There were a lot of great organizers with better storage, but what they had in storage potential they lacked in style.

I'm totally happy with this purchase because it is really well made. It's not that heavy but surprisingly sturdy. I love the somewhat distressed look (not sure if you can quite tell from the picture) in midnight black, especially since my bauble collection is super colorful. Plus, it matches the rest of my bedroom furniture, so it's kind of perfect.

This was my second bauble organization attempt (the first was the armoire) and I would mark it as a success. I know eventually I'll have to figure out how to store the rest (plus future baubles) but I loving having some on display. Today, I made a lonely wall and an overworked jewelry box a little happier.

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