Friday, January 2, 2015


Okay. So, 2014 wasn't a great blogging year for me. Sorry about that. There were just too many things going on.. and still going on. My blogging has been somewhat restricted to lazy summer days and cold winter nights indoors. Those also happen to be the only times of the year when I get a break from school.

You really haven't missed much in the months of my absence. During the semester, I eat a lot of food that I don't make. After a 1 1/2 years of being in this dental hygiene program with two part-time jobs, I've realized.. I'm really freakin' tired. I'm hoping 2015 means then end of my academic career and a real start to my professional one.

But guys, it's a new year-- 2015. I can't promise the blog will be consistently active since my winter break is almost over. In fact, I may go completely radio silent again until I finish my last semester and officially become a RDH. However, I will continue to share whenever I can. 

Please bear with me. Still, my goal is to give you more than 16 posts this year. 

Happy New Year, lovelies! 


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